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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles – T-888 1920’s style December 1, 2008

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So the T-888 was hidden in a wall waiting for 80 years to shoot someone.


This was a great episode for Cameron – maybe her best yet. She’s a methodical killing machine – with a gun or with research. It was a really interesting treat to see how Cameron noticed the terminator in the past and pieced all the threads together to figure out where he was in the present.

Now as for John Conner – he’s still a mega wimp – and a lame acting job overall. Every episode i’m hoping he’ll get whacked or better yet shaken up so he becomes a more likeable character.


1. Hector the Injector - December 2, 2008

How exactly did this triple 8 over shoot its target date? It wasn’t meant to be in the 20’s, it got there by accident then killed a person of importance by accident, then has to build this thing and hide in it for 80 some years. So did the time displacement stuff mess up? Or is SKYNET making mistakes now? Over all though Cameron the super sleuth is on the job, and she completed her task, almost obsessively as if House MD was a terminator. She kicks the things shiny mettle @$$, smashes it in an elevator, and then pulls out a switchblade to finish the job. She seems to make pretty short work of the other machines, so why was Cromartie such a challenge? I can’t wait to see her up against Catharine Weaver. Now lets give some credit to John here, first of all heat beat the holly trinity out of some jerk wad. I wonder if John is packing when he is out, if he’s not he really should. But the manhandling of this dude was great. Then he bones his girlfriend in the family truck, go John!

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