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Kyle Reese Returns to Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles January 13, 2009

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MADNESS. The first Terminator movie was sheer brilliance – and the key to it was Kyle Reese…the father of John Connor. He has to die in order for the future to happen and for John to be born.


Maybe not.

The blasphemous monstrosity that is Sarah Connor Chronicles is about to further ruin the Terminator mythos by bringing Kyle Reese back in the episode titled the Good Wound airing Feb 13th on Fox.

If you loved the original Terminator – this is probably now the right time to totally bail out on this show. If you like the show – this is probably the kind of twist that will keep you interested.


1. Hector the Injector - January 18, 2009

Holy god almighty! Someone needs to abduct these writers, make them smoke crack and watch re-runs of Maud. What is this crap they’re coming up with? This show has so much potential but they’ve decided to make the damn 90210 out of it. Kyle can’t come back twice, he already came back and died. I agree with all of you, TSCC sucks diarrhea out of a fat man corn hole, I’m talking right from the spout!

2. loganblake - February 19, 2009

Now that you’ve seen that Kyle was only a hallucination, I hope you can finally acknowledge how brilliant the series really is. the writing is incredible. This is not ruining the terminator mythology, but deepening the mythology.

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