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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles : Kyle Reese is a Ghost? February 13, 2009

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First episode back and whamo there is Kyle Reese.

But not the cool Kyle Reese from Terminator 1 – no this was some frakking lamer.

Was he a dream? Was he Sarah’s subconscious? who knows…the way the show was written it’s totally confused about it anyways.

It was neat to see Enterprise’s Trip though – gotta love cameo’s from the genre actors and the fact that the doctor shot him sure was a shock.

Ohhh and John Henry? He’s one freaky robot…

Samson and Delilah

Kyle Reese Returns to Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles January 13, 2009

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MADNESS. The first Terminator movie was sheer brilliance – and the key to it was Kyle Reese…the father of John Connor. He has to die in order for the future to happen and for John to be born.


Maybe not.

The blasphemous monstrosity that is Sarah Connor Chronicles is about to further ruin the Terminator mythos by bringing Kyle Reese back in the episode titled the Good Wound airing Feb 13th on Fox.

If you loved the original Terminator – this is probably now the right time to totally bail out on this show. If you like the show – this is probably the kind of twist that will keep you interested.