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Dollhouse – Agent Paul Ballard is Alpha February 21, 2009

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dollhouseSecond episode of Dollhouse The Target
wasn’t nearly as good as the first and good be the beginning of the end of the series as far as we’re concerned.

We know now what Alpha is – some kind of dollhouse ‘echo’ that went wrong and is out on the rampage.

An easy ‘early’ guess by us is that FBI Agent Paul Ballard (played by Tahmoh Penikett the actor who was Helo on Battlestar Galactica) is actually Alpha.

Anyone want to take that bet?

As for the show – this episode was confusing and disjointed making it difficult to follow and less entertaining than its true potential –

We don’t have a problem with showing different time-lines as it were but the back and forth shifting was far to abrupt and confusing which will no doubt alienate mainstream TV viewers and shorten the life of this series.

Don’t forget Fox is the network that cancelled Joss Whedon’s Firefly after all.

If you missed the episode live – or just want to watch it again (I know I did) Amazon has it The Target


1. elton - February 22, 2009

Paul being Alpha is an interesting idea but I doubt it. He’s pretty much the only one on the show who can be considered a good guy, and with so many people uncomfortable with the basic idea of dollhouse they need someone who is a good guy.

2. Josh - February 23, 2009

Okay, so just from looking at the screen caps (especially the first eppisode), I think Alpha is played by Sean Maher…. Seriously, just look at his back, and look at Sean’s back in Serenity… then look at his hair.

3. zodiggs - May 2, 2009


paul ballard IS alpha.. i am watching friday nights episode right now on dvr and in the beginning recap they show “alpha” in the doctor’s care all cut up when they are discussing him and i realized ALPHA looks like BALLARD.. sure enough i rewind and slow-mo/pause ITS HIM!!!

juicy juicy.. what the hell does that mean? i don’t know, but i’m curious to find out.

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