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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles : Riley is Dead. March 6, 2009

Posted by showmescifi in scifi.
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Riley was a cool chik and it was dumb for her to be killed.

Just goes to show how idiotic the producers of this show are.

Would have been neat to see that Riley John Connor thing play out a little more but naaah the producers of this shoddy program want to make ultra sure that the program SUCKS.

It was neat to see Cameron fix her arm though – reminiscent of Arnie fixing his arm in the first Terminator.


1. a REAL sci-fi fan - March 7, 2009

blah blah blah….always negative. You do not have a clue how good this show is….wonder if you will delete this comment like my last one….

2. showmescifi - March 7, 2009

look – Sarah Connor Chronicles is a show we were VERY positive on the beginning and it’s a show that has great potential.

This season – so far – really has sucked – episodes are kinda slowish…and hey we’re not the only ones who aren’t so positive on this show anymore. Check out the Ratings for this show..it’s not likely to get renewed at this rate.

3. Hector the Injector - March 9, 2009

Well it’s about bloody time they did away with Riley, she was really annoying. What was her deal about getting John into a fight (which he beat the holly Christ out of the dude), then she tried to kill herself, then she finds out that Jesse is setting her up, then she lies to John again. So her character is pretty much worthless, save the fact she was pretty hot. What’s up with Cameron anyway, fist she a mess, then she’s fixed and now she’s all messed up again? It’s a damn soap opera. And even Sarah herself has made mistake after mistake, gets annoyed that John doesn’t believe her about this and that, then tells him she thinks he a liar. Yeah I’m with SMSF this show is clearly on its way out, and that really sucks. Small Ville had a similar crapyness about it, but they pulled it off with hot characters.

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