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Sarah Connor Chronicles TERMINATED April 14, 2009

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That’s the buzz…the show that started off so brilliantly but in season two has been mostly pure garbage is headed to the trash heap of scifi history.

We’re not surprised – no one should be. Sure some people liked the show this season but the ratings sucked.

We did like the last few episodes, the death of Riley, Derek Reese and the finale with John going back to the future...but it was a case of too little too late.

The show for the most part was — let’s be honest here – boring.

Episodes were poorly acted and produced with long periods of brooding nothingness. That’s not entertainment that’s just lazy writing.

The show had great potential and we were very keen on it in the beginning. Cameron is an interesting Terminator and she had so much potential that was largely unexplored. Derek Reese another fine character…

No this wasn’t Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor,and that was a major flaw from day one.

That and oh yeah – The FRAKKIN writers let us down.

Luckily for Terminator fans the glory days of Terminator are soon here. Terminator 4 : Terminator Salvation might be the best Terminator yet as we finally get to see the true John Connor hero of the resistance at long last.

As for the unfinished storyline of Sarah Connor Chronicles…well i suppose there is always the direct to DVD route and if that fails, hey books would work here too.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles : Season 2 Finale, Series Finale? John Connor makes it to the future April 10, 2009

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Let’s hope this was the final episode for Sarah Connor Chronicles.

John Connor finally makes it into the future…but a new future where his isn’t the hero…a future where Cameron is just a girl, and Kyle and Derek Reese both still live.

Weaver is a new type of Terminator trying to stop SkyNet and help save humanity with John Henry..

Yeaaah it’s all a little bit of a stretch…but this is the kinda of solid action that made this show attractive in the first place. If this is the final episode because FOX cancels the show..at least this show will have gone out with a bang.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles : Riley is Dead. March 6, 2009

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Riley was a cool chik and it was dumb for her to be killed.

Just goes to show how idiotic the producers of this show are.

Would have been neat to see that Riley John Connor thing play out a little more but naaah the producers of this shoddy program want to make ultra sure that the program SUCKS.

It was neat to see Cameron fix her arm though – reminiscent of Arnie fixing his arm in the first Terminator.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Episode 15 Desert Casino February 21, 2009

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terminatorUmmm WTF was that episode about? Desert Cantos

Could this show get any more useless/pathetic?

Sure it’s great to have parallel plot lines but thing just don’t add up at all here the warehouse in the desert business is just …well what is it? Then there is the H/K flying prototype thing – which was kinda cool but how come none of our cast of character said a word???

Why didn’t the HK kill them?

If you missed the episode you can get it here (Desert Cantos
) but fair warning if you want to try and understand you really need to watch it more than once…that is if you care to watch it at all.

Chekov is John Connor’s Father in Terminator 4 March 22, 2008

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No it’s not the Walter Koenig (nuclear wessels) Chekov but the new one Anton Yelchin from Star Trek XI coming in 2009.

Yelchin is apparently in discussions to play Kyle Reese, father of John in Terminator 4 which also should be out in 2009.  Michael Biehn was the original Kyle Reese in the first Terminator.

So if thing work out Yelchin will be in two major scifi films in 2009.  I wonder who’ll they’ll cast as Kyle Reese’ brother – derek now played by   Brian Austin Green in Sarah Connor Chronicles.