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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles : Season 2 Finale, Series Finale? John Connor makes it to the future April 10, 2009

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Let’s hope this was the final episode for Sarah Connor Chronicles.

John Connor finally makes it into the future…but a new future where his isn’t the hero…a future where Cameron is just a girl, and Kyle and Derek Reese both still live.

Weaver is a new type of Terminator trying to stop SkyNet and help save humanity with John Henry..

Yeaaah it’s all a little bit of a stretch…but this is the kinda of solid action that made this show attractive in the first place. If this is the final episode because FOX cancels the show..at least this show will have gone out with a bang.


1. Sarah Connor Chronicles TERMINATED « Show Me SciFi - April 14, 2009

[…] did like the last few episodes, the death of Riley, Derek Reese and the finale with John going back to the future…but it was a case of too little too […]

2. Al - May 1, 2009

Huh? That wasn’t my take of the finale’s ending.

Who says John Connor doesn’t end up being leader in this future?

Yes, Kyle and Derek are actually alive in the future. They had to be
because they went BACK in time. Did you actually see the movie
or pay attention in Season 1?

It’s possible Cameron is a special terminator in the future and
has infiltrated the human resistance. Or it’s possible she just got a
new body. Or John will turn her. Many possibilities here.

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