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Sarah Connor Chronicles TERMINATED April 14, 2009

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That’s the buzz…the show that started off so brilliantly but in season two has been mostly pure garbage is headed to the trash heap of scifi history.

We’re not surprised – no one should be. Sure some people liked the show this season but the ratings sucked.

We did like the last few episodes, the death of Riley, Derek Reese and the finale with John going back to the future...but it was a case of too little too late.

The show for the most part was — let’s be honest here – boring.

Episodes were poorly acted and produced with long periods of brooding nothingness. That’s not entertainment that’s just lazy writing.

The show had great potential and we were very keen on it in the beginning. Cameron is an interesting Terminator and she had so much potential that was largely unexplored. Derek Reese another fine character…

No this wasn’t Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor,and that was a major flaw from day one.

That and oh yeah – The FRAKKIN writers let us down.

Luckily for Terminator fans the glory days of Terminator are soon here. Terminator 4 : Terminator Salvation might be the best Terminator yet as we finally get to see the true John Connor hero of the resistance at long last.

As for the unfinished storyline of Sarah Connor Chronicles…well i suppose there is always the direct to DVD route and if that fails, hey books would work here too.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles : Season 2 Finale, Series Finale? John Connor makes it to the future April 10, 2009

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Let’s hope this was the final episode for Sarah Connor Chronicles.

John Connor finally makes it into the future…but a new future where his isn’t the hero…a future where Cameron is just a girl, and Kyle and Derek Reese both still live.

Weaver is a new type of Terminator trying to stop SkyNet and help save humanity with John Henry..

Yeaaah it’s all a little bit of a stretch…but this is the kinda of solid action that made this show attractive in the first place. If this is the final episode because FOX cancels the show..at least this show will have gone out with a bang.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. RIP Derek Reese April 4, 2009

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We’re not fans of Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles – but we were fans of Derek Reese. He was the best male character in the series, a fine actor and just fun to watch.

As of Friday’s show Adam Raised a Cain

Derek Reese, brother of Kyle, uncle to John is Dead. He literally walked into the gun of a Terminator who shot him in the head dead. Quick, sudden and brutal. There was little lament, little grief..

After all the big thing in this episode was the CAPTURE OF SARAH CONNOR!

Yes this show often moves to slow, but now wow…alot of activity in a very short period of time.

Can this show survive without Derek Reese? Sure..but it won’t be as good.

the only character this show could not survive without is Cameron (Summer Glau) beyond that they can all get shot …well i suppose John Conner the weenie is supposed to survive but he’s so lame we still keep hoping he gets toasted too.