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Star Trek Countdown is the must read prequel to Star Trek XI June 11, 2009

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startrek.countdown ok SO we didn’t LOVE Star Trek XI because of some alternate universe timeline issues…but maybe we were a little harsh..

We just finished reading the Star Trek Countdown Trade Paperback,  and it sure does a lot to help Star Trek XI make sense.

For one, the comic ties in the Next Generation cast – Picard in this comic is the ambassador to Vulcan, Worf works for the Klingons and Data is back as Captain of the Enterprise (an imprint on B-4).

Nero’s ship — is explained as a Romulan research project including the best of Borg technology — that makes sense..and I sure wish the movie added that tidbit of info..

Red matter is well explained as is the Hobes star that destroyed Romulus. Basically this is the story that the movie failed to tell effectively – told from a post Star Trek Nemesis timeline.

It’s great stuff and it sure is too bad that this wasn’t part of the actual movie – that would have made the difference – for us – for Star Trek XI being ok – to Star Trek XI being the best Star Trek ever made.


1. Sandy - June 15, 2009

Disagree completely. IMHO Countdown was bad. Really bad. Most of it made little, if any sense. Glad I found it on usenet and didn’t waste my $ on it after reading your entry.

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