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Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge 2009 – Last Chance to vote July 7, 2009

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It’s that time of year again! Atom Films Star Wars Fan film challenge 2009 and you’ve only got until Friday July 10th to vote.

As was the case last year – there are a few retreads from other Star Wars Fan film venues – but there are also some that we’ve never seen elsewhere that are truly AWESOME.

Unfortunately  Atom still doesn’t have a video clips that can be directly shared/embedded in a wordpress.com blog  — which by the way Atom execs – TOTALLY SUX Bantha Fodder –

Among the finalists this year that we like are:

Bad Day For Vader

Here it is as a contestant in the 2006 Spacey Awards

Knights of the Old Republic: Revan IS a fantastic live action version of Darth Revan that is great to watch.

For the horny toads out there the clear winner is:

Saber which pits two hot stripper chicks against each other in some weird version of light saber strip attacking.

And our final pick is :

WTF Star Wars – which is an alternate take on Episode IV – where the Death Star survives and Destroys Yavin IV.

Go to the Atom Films Star Wars site and see ’em all for yourself and be sure to vote – and tell us who you voted for!


1. Erik Andersen - July 8, 2009

Here is a great Star Wars fan film that they rejected this year!

Star Wars Made Me This Way

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