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Tom Baker Returning as Doctor Who !! (but only for audio) July 16, 2009

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The greatest Doctor Who of them all – Tom Baker is coming back !

He’s just finishing up a series of five audio dramas for the BBC – Baker’s first time back as the greatest Time Lord in nearly 30 years.

There is a great interview online with the dude that wrote the audio episodes and he’s as excited as can be.

..went down to be there at what felt like an historic occasion. He was on top form. Unbelievable. Full of charisma, bursting into the studios. Then he was at the mike with other cast members, and suddenlyI can picture the very moment he turned back into the Doctor. One minute it was introductions and actorly chat and then all of a sudden he was rehearsing lines his first being, ‘Hullo, I’m the Doctor’

It was a very shivery moment.

The first of the five audio plays isDoctor Who: Hornets’ Nest – The Stuff of Nightmares – set for a Sept 3, 2009 release.

Get your jelly bellies ready baby!


1. Phyllis K Twombly - July 18, 2009

One can never get enough of the Doctor. Thanks.

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