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Stargate Universe SGU : Destiny is the 9th Chevron October 5, 2009

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sgu The pilot episode of Stargate Universe (Air ) was unlike any other Stargate pilot yet wasn’t it?

Finding Eli by way of a Last Starfighter type contest is a wickedly cool idea and one that will make him very different then Dr. McKay as a problem solver.

But first off, why was the Icarus base attacked? That part didn’t make sense. The attackers never made any claims, we never say them on screen – we just saw their ships. It was cool to see the USS General Hammond though wasn’t it?

The idea of a ninth chevron transporting to a ship is really cool though. The Destiny is unlike any other ancient ship we’ve ever seen.

But the bit about it being unmanned and then there being other ships that had gone before it to build Gates was a bit weak. If the other ships have already built a gate system then why send a ship?

That little plot issue aside, the characters in SGU are great. They are unlike the typical SG-1 and SG-Atlantis archetypes and really do create a different vibe for this show.

With the one military guy that was imprisoned (what was his deal?) the quick death of the Senator (kinda like the Col dying in the pilot of Atlantis) and a lack of air on the ship – we already have a few mysteries that will keep this show interesting for a few weeks.

Yes there are some holes in this show and it’s not perfect. But it is pretty frakkin cool to have Stargate back in a fresh new and innovative show.

*if you missed the show live Amazon has it now up on demand Air


1. wyldmuse - October 5, 2009

SGU lost my interest in the timeline that jumped around more than an caffeinated frog. A straight timeline and solid plot would have been great. It feels like Wright & Co. were trying to make Galactica Meets Lost in Space. It did have some great characters, but I don’t know that it hooked me enough to watch it weekly.

2. schwerpunktstudios - October 9, 2009

“But first off, why was the Icarus base attacked? That part didn’t make sense. The attackers never made any claims, we never say them on screen…”

My guess is that Rush gave the location of Icarus Base to the Lucian Alliance. Carter asked O’Neill “how did they find the location?” and later Rush said pointedly to Chloe that “I didn’t create the situation that forced us here.” Given how driven he was to access the Ninth Chevron, I wouldn’t put it past him to give the location to the Lucian Alliance to set up a situation in which they HAVE to dial the Ninth Chevron.

My big question was what did Rush do when he was back on Earth in Dr. Lee’s body using the Ancient Communication Stones.

I’m glad they got Carlyle for the cast; Rush is an awesome character and Carlyle a good enough actor (and sometimes creepy enough) to do the character justice.

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