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Michael Dorn – Worf – becomes Lego Bionical in the Legend Reborn – Q’uaplah! December 30, 2009

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This holiday season – some of the younger members of our ShowMeSciFi.com team picked up the recent Bionicle The Legend Reborn movie….

It could have been called Worf the Robot – as far as we’re concerned.

We had no idea Michael Dorn (the actor who played Klingon Worf) was in this movie – he’s the voice behind the main bionicle hero in this flick – Mata Nui.

The voice and the characters intonations and actions are very Klingon. He speaks of honor, glory and battle. No he doesn’t talk about Kahless or Stovokor but you know he’s thinking about it..

As a kids movie – this is ok fun. Bad robots get their nuts and bolts kicked in by good robots kinda thing. Animation is a little interesting in that it’s basically LEGO figures that have been fully animated.

For the Klingon (and Michael Dorn) fans out there, it’s also great fun to hear Dorn’s voice in a role that evokes the glory that is Worf (house of Martok son of Moog).


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