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Introduce Yourself Like a Klingon you Peta’Q September 12, 2011

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nuq ‘oH pongwIj’e’ ?

Klingon Language Lessons August 5, 2011

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New words!

Who doesn’t love Klingon…it is the language of warriors and it sounds just so cool. It is every geek’s duty to learn a few words.

Here’s your chance to prove that you are worthy to walk the halls of Stovo’kor

Michael Dorn – Worf – becomes Lego Bionical in the Legend Reborn – Q’uaplah! December 30, 2009

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This holiday season – some of the younger members of our ShowMeSciFi.com team picked up the recent Bionicle The Legend Reborn movie….

It could have been called Worf the Robot – as far as we’re concerned.

We had no idea Michael Dorn (the actor who played Klingon Worf) was in this movie – he’s the voice behind the main bionicle hero in this flick – Mata Nui.

The voice and the characters intonations and actions are very Klingon. He speaks of honor, glory and battle. No he doesn’t talk about Kahless or Stovokor but you know he’s thinking about it..

As a kids movie – this is ok fun. Bad robots get their nuts and bolts kicked in by good robots kinda thing. Animation is a little interesting in that it’s basically LEGO figures that have been fully animated.

For the Klingon (and Michael Dorn) fans out there, it’s also great fun to hear Dorn’s voice in a role that evokes the glory that is Worf (house of Martok son of Moog).

Klingons cut from Star Trek XI! jatlhwI’pu’ !! April 28, 2009

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J J Abrams is so keen on having his vision of Star Trek – 90210’ish that he’s cut Klingon from the movie.

Yup that’s right. A classic era trek film where there is no spoken Klingon.

It’s total FRAKKIN BS.

“We actually had a sequence that ended up getting cut from the movie that took place on Rura Penthe, in a Klingon prison,” co-writer Alex Kurtzman told SCI FI Wire, explaining the deletion. “And there was definitely Klingon spoken in the movie, and it ended up getting cut.”

So while this new movie might look slick, by cutting out the Klingon this new film is cutting out the Warrior heart of the Star Trek Universe.

If they end up making Star Trek XII let’s sure hope it’s a full on Klingon Federation war!

Buy tickets to Star Trek now!

Star Trek : The Experience to Close? May 7, 2008

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I was just at Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton last week. I go each and every time I’m in Las Vegas (about 4 times a year).

The last few times i just go to the store and buy something (more on that in another post) and I always eat at Quarks and always get Klingon Blood Ale (not the wine which sucks).

Klingon Encounter is an experience that now is a bit dated..the screen isn’t great but it’s still fun. Borg 4D is still awesome.

So why would they close it?

Apparently the event operator and the hotel have a contract that expires soon and they haven’t yet renewed it.

Star Trek The Experience is something that MUST NEVER DIE…it should be refreshed from time to time, but it is by far and away my personal salvation in Las Vegas..and I know that i’m not alone. I’ve never been to Quark’s and seen it empty. I always run into fellow fans and always end up in a conversation about an episode that is on the screen.

There is no other place like it on Earth – or even Vegas.

Star Trek Klingon Empire : A Burning House – REVIEW April 7, 2008

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The short review is that Star Trek Klingon Empire A Burning House by Keith R. A. DeCandido is an excellent book.

It’s actually one of the finest Star Trek books that we’ve ever reviewed here on ShowMeSciFi.com.

This is not a book about Battle or the usual stuff that you’d think of with Klingons. This is an exploration of the Klingon culture itself through an elegantly weaved plot spanning characters and situations that are both new and old.

Everyone’s favorite Klingon – Worf – is here as is his brother Kurn. What an awesome plotline that was in Star Trek on TV…in this book it comes to a new conclusion that fans of the Sons of Mogh will not want to miss.

Our old friends from DS9 make an appearance…and remember that planet that Worf visited where the survivors of Kittomer lived with Romulans…..oH YEAH…they’re back too (though they don’t do so well).

This book from cover to cover was a page turner..not to find out what battle comes next or who lives and who dies but because DeCandido makes us want to know what happens next to our ‘friends’.  A Burning House is not the first book about the crew of I.K.S Gorkon, but it is the first one that we’ve ever read in this series. Often jumping in to a series late is not a good idea..but A Burning House is a fresh start and can be enjoyed by those that have never read anything else about the I.K.S. Gorkon.

Star Trek books work best when they remind readers what they loved about the various series and bring in the characters that they know – while adding a dash of the new.  To be honest A Burning House was an impulse buy..it was not necessarily on our ‘to read list’..it was just something we picked up..and we’re glad that we did.

What Star Trek Species Are You? December 21, 2007

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I’m 80% Borg or 75% Klingon according to the Quiz.

Alot of questions in it but hey it’s kinda neat…and you know that you want to know…

What Star Trek Species Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as BorgYou Are Borg, You would rather over run your enemies instead of overpowering them. You take knowledge instead of learing. You need help decideing but are upfront when forced. Conquest is everything after perfection.