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Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) is Hawkman ! Absolute Justice! What a great performance!! February 5, 2010

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We normally don’t watch Smallville
– actually we never do and this is the first time in five years of this site that we’ve ever written about the show.

But tonight’s episode was a little different.

Michael Shanks – best known as Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate – joined the Smallville cast as Hawkman!

To say he was an awesome would be an understatement.

Shanks played a dark troubled character with a degree of gravitas and intensity that was worthy of an Academy Award (if this were a movie). He was great as Dr. Jackson, but as Hawkman he is MAGNIFICENT.

The whole episode – titled Absolute Justice – was incredible and better than any other scifi show we’ve seen this year.


1. Tom Baker - February 7, 2010

I normally don’t watch anything on the CW but I really enjoyed this episode of Smallville. Shanks did a great job as you said and I’d watch it again. Didn’t like Star Girl though.

2. Apollo - February 11, 2010

Worst episode ever… the acting was awful. On top of that, how is it Hawkman did not age? From the dialogue, they used the original reincarnation human version of Hawkman (not the alien version), so the actor should have been aged 20-30 more years. Worst writing I have ever seen in 2 hours. I wish I could get that time in my life back.

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