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Smallville – Hawkman Dead?? Nooooo January 21, 2011

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Icarus was a fine episode of Smallville ..the only thing that mattered in this episode was the end..


Still shocking to us, Michael Shanks of course is such a fine actor…but it was great to see him in full winged gear fighting Col. Saul Tigh.

Smallville S10E02 Hawkman (Michael Shanks) makes his move on Lois Lane October 5, 2010

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Episode 2 of the final season of Smallville was another solid episode – officially titled Shield

saw the return of Michael Shanks aka Daniel Jackson aka Hawkman – and that was reason enough to watch this show.

The whole discussion of Nietche’s Ubermench — the Superman – was awesome and show the depth that this show truly has.

Cat Grant was interesting and Deadshot is one sharpshooting villain.

Great stuff (and if you missed it Amazon has it on demand)

Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) is Hawkman ! Absolute Justice! What a great performance!! February 5, 2010

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We normally don’t watch Smallville
– actually we never do and this is the first time in five years of this site that we’ve ever written about the show.

But tonight’s episode was a little different.

Michael Shanks – best known as Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate – joined the Smallville cast as Hawkman!

To say he was an awesome would be an understatement.

Shanks played a dark troubled character with a degree of gravitas and intensity that was worthy of an Academy Award (if this were a movie). He was great as Dr. Jackson, but as Hawkman he is MAGNIFICENT.

The whole episode – titled Absolute Justice – was incredible and better than any other scifi show we’ve seen this year.