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Fringe – Bishop Dynamic ? Walternate’s Massive Dynamic February 25, 2011

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Talk about backstory…

Now we know that young Peter KNEW that he was from another universe where the Dodgers stayed in Brooklyn, no airplanes and there was a Red Lantern..

We also know that young Olivia knew young Peter too…and the great mystery…that she told Walternate when she crossed over (how did that happen?) that Peter was on the other side.


And hey..Bishop Dynamic? Does that mean there was no William Bell on the other side?


1. Sophia - February 25, 2011

We already knew that William Bell on the otherside died in a car accident as a young man (source= season two, “over there pt 2”)

2. Laura D - February 26, 2011

It was a good episode – leaving more questions… love this show!!!!

3. whaaa - February 26, 2011

No airplanes? That sucks. Those blimps ain’t fast either.

4. Nick - March 6, 2011

William bell said his alternate died in a car accident.

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