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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan – REVIEW – what a sad, sad story December 2, 2011

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After playing Knights of the Old Republic we all know Revan. The Jedi that went after the Mandalorians then was turned to the dark side as Darth Revan, then back to the light to destroy Darth Malak.

But what happens after that?

That’s where the new Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan comes in, right after those games.

The first half of this book is pure AWESOME. We see the real Revan, the human, the husband and the man.

Then by way of his friendship with the Mandalorian Candorous, we begin to see the Revan we all know from the game.  Match that up with the parallel plot of Darth Scourge on the other side ..and wow this was a book that we just could not put down. Scourge was headed the other way from the dark to the light …


well (spoiler alert)…………….

Meetra (the Exile) returns to save Revan and then WTF happens? what a sad, depressing ending. This is much worse than Han Solo trapped in Carbonite. Revan was close to ending the Emperor and then instead he suffers in stasis, never knowing his son.

Then again, I suppose since this is all lead-up for the new Old Republic game what this book does is it set up the return of Revan. Since he’s not dead…it would make sense that for the Jedi one mission would be to retrieve Revan from stasis to help defeat the Sith…

Anyways…another awesome old republic book..and hey the game is out soon too…and we can hardly wait.


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