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Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome CANCELLED?! FRAK YOU SYFY!!! March 25, 2012

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Not that any of us really need more proof – but SYFY Channel has no interest in scifi.

SyFy has just CANCELLED the Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome show – before it even aired.

They’re keeping the pilot as a standalone, but no show.

that’s right! the Frakkers have FRAKED us BSG fans yet again.

This show was the only good thing coming to SyFy that we were excited about and they killed it.



1. Brenda - March 26, 2012

I haven’t watched the SyFY channel since they changed it to “SYFY”
and ended Battle Star Galactica. Didn’t even know this new show was supposed to come on, but guess now I won’t be missing anything anyway.

2. Jack Burgin - April 8, 2012

Well once again it goes to show what idiots are running things. Terra Nova was cancelled even after the network said it made moeny. V was cancelled after it started to show some life, and was getting it’s legs under it to get it going. SYFY they should be shut down, until someone who knows what they are doing can run it. Blood and Chrome can still be a good series, IF they get behind it, and do it right. The other thing they should do is either a weekly series or 2 to 3 miniseries a year on the CLASSIC BSG show us what happened to that crew as well. Also Edward James Olmos has a script written for a further story, do that one. If they do this right they can give us quality, and good story. But SYFY is known to SCREW UP. Hey to you idiots that cancelled Terra Nova, V, and SYFY execs, so the right thing by us fans. at least give us a proper ending. but you probably wont

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[…] (you know that network that used to be SciFi Channel and now doesn’t support any real SciFi) CANCELLED the Battlestar Galactica spinoff – Blood and Chrome. Turns out though that a full pilot has already been produced and we can […]

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