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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #19 – now it finally starts to come together September 10, 2007

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After a year and a half of suffering with this title, it’s finally coming together. From a plot point of view Dark Horse’s Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic issue #19 is easily the best issue this year pulling together all the major characters of the series.
We’ve got Mandalaorians
We’ve got the Republic Fleet
We’ve got Jedi (good and bad)
We’ve got the Arcanians (offshoots and purebloods)
Zayne Carrick is coming face to face (or back to back) with his Jedi tormentor

And its’ all coming together..the plot lines and the characters.

The only thing missing is the Sith – then again – Lord Adasca, head of the massive corporation Adascorp – might well be a Sith considering the way he’s manipulated the universe.

The weak link in this issue is the art. It is painfully pathetic at points and very amateurish. As I’ve complained before Zayne Carrick our main ‘hero’ in this series gets yet another treatment – so he look different again. If you compare how Zayne is drawn across say 5 issues you’ll see what looks like 5 different characters.

Still KOTOR #19 is a solid issue continuing from the solid issue #18. It’s a good trend and we can only hope that Dark Horse’s editors wizen up and put some real artists to work on this book.

Canada’s Spaceys – The Worst SciFi Award ‘Show’ Ever? June 11, 2007

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As proof positive for how ridiculously out of touch Canada’s Space science fiction TV channel is out of touch with what constitutes SciFi – one need look no further than the results of yesterdays Spaceys awards.

Top Space movie of the year?

Casino Royale.

!! I know!! James Bond is all fine and nice but SciFi? i dunno ‘Q’ might make him qualify but still.

For the Favorite Character You Love to hate – the nominees were Gaius Baltar, Caprica 6, Vala Maldoran and Lex Luthor.

Who won?

LEX LUTHER! I know it’s totally nuts. First of all everyone loves Vala and everything she’s brought to Stargate SG-1. Lex Luthor ? It’s just sad.

For favorite TV character – space viewers chose…Stargate Atlantis’ Rodney McKay! UNBELIEVABLE!!

Though the Spacey producers and hosts – who by the way are as far from being SciFi fans as the Oort Cloud is from the Sun – also gave an award to BSG’s Starbuck (and well the y should since she rocks – and is a frakking cylon to boot).

If you too want to be offended by the most pathetic excuse for a SciFi awards show ever..check out spaceys.ca but bring your own baarf bag – you’re going to need it.