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Build a Battlestar Galactica toy ship fleet September 9, 2007

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As part of ShowMeSciFi.com’s irregular look at SciFi toys you can buy on eBay..this week we’ve got a real treat..Battlestar Galactica ships!

Unlike Star Wars, BSG ships aren’t always as easy to find but this week we’ve found a fleet of 8 ships, a vintage ship and the much sought after Art Asylum model.

Why not start big? This auction has 9 BSG universe ships in total
1 Scar Cylon Raider
2 The Battlestar Pegasus
3 Colonial One
4 A Colonial Raptor
5 A Classic Cylon Raider
6 A ** Just Released August 2007 *** Colonial Viper MARK II (Black/blue)
7 A ** Just Released August 2007 ** Colonial Viper Mark V II ( White / Red)
8 A Colonial Viper MARK VII (purple)
9 A Classic Colonial Viper (white /Orange)
Build your own Battlestar Galactica fleet and check out the bidding yourself

Our second find is an extremely rare classic BSG model

Classic Viper auction which has a buy it now of only $7.99

Thundercats are on the move, Thundercasts are loose! June 6, 2007

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Yup that much love 80’s cartoon is transitioning to the big screen.
The core Thundercats story is basic enough..here’s what Wikipedia lists:

The story begins with the destruction of the ThunderCats original home, the distant planet of Thundera. Forced to flee from the dying world, The ThunderCats and their fellow Thunderians board a fleet of starships to escape just as the planet blew itself apart.

Aboard the fleet’s flagship, a team of several ThunderCat nobles are gathered to escort and protect the sole heir to the ThunderCats’ leadership: the young Lion-O, a boy of twelve years. They also hope to safeguard the Eye of Thundera, the source of the ThunderCats’ power, embedded in the hilt of the mystic Sword of Omens.

No word yet on when Thundercats the movie will be in theatres but here’s hoping they keep the original theme song.