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Star Wars Lightsaber Finally Goes Far Far Away August 27, 2007

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30 years after Star Wars propelled us to that place far far away..an actual piece of the Star Wars legacy will be headed into Space.

Apparently the original prop of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from the first Star Wars movie will be sent into space aboard the space shuttle Discovery in October.

What i’d like to know – officially or otherwise – is if astro or cosmonauts have ever watched Star Wars on a Shuttle/Soyuz/Mir/Space Station mission. Sure these guys work very full days..but hey it’s not that improbable is it?

And what of the lightsaber? will it just stay in a locker on the shuttle the whole time?

Star Wars Empire Volume 1 -(old but still great) August 9, 2007

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I purchased Star Wars Empire Volume 1 some time ago from TFAW’s 50% off offer and finally got the chance to read it on a flight to San Francisco.

Though there is nothing wrong with reading a series issue by issue the experience of reading a complete story arc in one trade paperback volume is very satisfying.

I missed alot of the Empire series when it was first out – so the trades give me an opportunity to catch up and see what i missed.

Empire Volume 1 is a basic conspiracy story pitting Imperial agents against Vader and Palapatine. We all know who will emerge victorious but its still a fun and solid read.

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Star Wars Dark Times Issue #3 The Path To Nowhere May 18, 2007

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I was beginning to think that Dark Horse’s Dark Times was on the path to nowhere..but apparently it’s now back.

There was a huge gap time wise between the release of issue number one and two – reviewed here.and there was another long gap of several months between issue two and this issue.

Long gaps aren’t good for readership Dark Horse!

Excellent art in this book..basic kind of story that’s just barely shaping up …if they can get this out on a regular basis this could turn into something really great. Right now the only real interesting part is Vader’s reluctance with Palpatine’s wishes..this book occurs in the early years after Episode III and before Episode IV so it’s an interesting period to explore to say the least.