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Star Wars: Blood Ties—Boba Fett is Dead #2 – oh wait no he’s not. June 4, 2012

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After that first issue we *almost* thought that Boba rly did get toasted.
He is after a clone, and hey lots of his brothers are around.

Now in this issue we get the real story – what happened and how his nice Mando’a helmet had a blaster bolt through it.

No surprise that Boba is going to use his half-brother to help him out, but what was a great surprise was seeing Sintas Vel.

that’s right – Sintas Vel, the woman that Boba Fett (in the books) has a child with. We can’t recall seeing sintas so beautifully drawn – errr painted as she has been in this issue.

Now the real hunt is one as we’ll find out how Boba can track down his own killers. No we don’t really care why they wanted to kill Boba, he is after all a bounty hunter so no doubt he has a lot of marks on his head.

The relationship between Boba and Connor Freeman (his half-brother) is interesting though. As it should be right? That’s what — Blood Ties – is all about.

Boba Fett is Dead. Dark Times out of the Wilderness is over. Crimson Empire III is over too April 25, 2012

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Dark Horse Star Wars overload this week and we couldn’t be more excited
Leading the hit parade this week is STAR WARS BLOOD TIES BOBA FETT IS DEAD #1 (OF 4). YEEAAAh illustrated or should we say PAINTED by Chris Scalf.

This isn’t your regular comic book art – this is


While a new Blood Ties begins – Crimson Empire III ends with issue # 6 of 6 out this week. It has been a good ride but it’s time for Kir to go now.


OOOH but wait Dark Horse has one more awesome ending for us this week with Star Wars: Dark Times-Out of the Wilderness #5 – illustrated by the one and only Douglas Wheatley. Dark Times is an awesome series that has been plagued by publishing delays since the beginning – let’s hope that this final issue is everything we’ve been waiting for!


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Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Comic book should be all Boba Fett goes lame. November 9, 2010

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Volume 2 is great comic book read…but it’s not quite what we had expected.

This comic book isn’t Starkiller’s story..

and it’s not quite the same as the game  — even though it’s written by the same guy that wrote the game’s story.

This is the story of Boba Fett – yeah Han Solo in Carbonite Boba Fett.

In the beginning he’s hanging with a female bounty hunter that ends up swiping his DNA (for Vader! what were you thinking perv?)

Then he hunts down Starkiller — only to stop and not KILL him as he could/should have, because he was hanging onto to Juno Eclipse and he got soft.

YEAAAAH Boba Fett gone LAME.

And what’s the deal with Vader being captured? ARe you kriffing kidding me?

It’s just a crude setup to ensure that there will be a third version of the game.

Like we set though…a fun read and something that all star wars fan will enjoy.

Star Wars Blood Ties #1 What is Boba Fett Afraid of? September 7, 2010

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First things first – Chris Scalf the artist on this issue – and he truly is an artist – is one of the finest artists in comics today.

With Blood Ties #1 Scalf gives us — the lucky readers – with a visual feast of brilliantly painted artwork that is breathtaking to look at.

The story isn’t too shabby either. Blood Ties is a joint Jango/Boba Fett tale with young Boba learning lessons from his Dad – that somehow also connect to the future when Boba is his own feared bounty hunter.

Great fun and a really enjoyable experience for all Star Wars fans.

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Boba Fett to be in New Live Action Star Wars series January 15, 2008

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In the latest issue of Star Wars insider producer Rick McCallum has confirmed that Boba Fett is coming back.

That really shouldn’t be a surprise to followers of the expanded star wars universe.

Fett after all in the Star Wars books managed to escape from the belly of the Sarlacc on Tatooine and is a major character in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force series too.

I suspect that Fett will be one of Palpatine’s bounty hunters tracking Jedi…