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Buck Rogers SUCKS – it’s re-imagined and he’s now fighting talking Bears June 15, 2009

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Hey we’re all for re-booting old sci-fi concepts when it makes sense — BSG being the best example. And we LOVED the 80’s TV series.

But the new Dynamite comic book series Buck Rogers is LAME. Issue #0 from free comic book day looked a little slick and we didn’t know what to expect.

Now we’ve got the first real issue and it SUCKS.

Instead of being with NASA ..Buck is a scientist entrepneur figuring out  a new propulsion system … he gets vaulted into the future – we don’t know how- crash lands in a ditch and Wilma      (yeah she’s back) finds him…

But they gotta run..cause Bears are coming..

Buck says when you see a bear just play dead and it’ll leave you alone but these are walking talking human stalking bears…it’s about as lame an idea as anyone can imagine.

the costumes for the Earth’ers are slick, beyond that this new Buck Rogers is quite possibly the worst iteration of Buck Rogers in his 80+ years of life.

We won’t be buying this crap ever again.