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Order 66 by Karen Traviss – BANTHA PUDUU! October 31, 2008

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Just finished reading Order 66 by Karen Traviss and the short review – it’s the shebs! 

This book should have been awesome but it’s not.

Traviss takes the ultimate clone command – Order 66 – and somehow turns the story into a long drawn out tale of how clones escape from the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR).

Order 66 is a sideline – a plot twist in the end of the book instead of being the central theme. It’s just another order and the only Jedi that gets killed is….[WON’T DO THE SPOILER HERE..] well it’s the only Jedi you don’t want to die.

Most of the story doesn’t make sense it’s just one useless drawn out scene after another until the end when order 66 forces the change in the GAR command structure.

Traviss is all about the Mandalorians – that’s her thing and she’s good at that. If you just want to read about the Mando – ok you might like parts of this – but it’s missing so many vital plot connections and links. So very much of this book just makes no sense it makes you wonder if anyone actually editted this book before it made it to publishing.