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Star Wars Crosscurrent – Sith/Jedi Hybrid clones? Darth Krayt in a book?? May 26, 2010

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Star Wars Crosscurrent Star Wars Crosscurrent by Paul Kemp – the short review is that this is an awesome book.

We get multiple timelines 5,000 years ago with Jedi and Exar Kun era Sith, colliding with the post Darth Caedus era.

We also get the first mention of Darth Krayt outside of the Star Wars Legacy comics that we know and love.

The structure of having multiple plots come together is the Star Wars formula and Kemp follows it well. The Jedi Jaden is a decent but troubled Jedi and it’s easy to see his parallels with the ancient Jedi.

The ancient Sith Saes is another cool character, though it’s a shame we won’t get to see more of him. The Anzat ‘soup drinker’ character was a bit weird and didn’t quite fit in, but still that didn’t detract from a great story.

And oh yeah, Jedi/Sith hybrid clones are on the rampage. Great stuff.

From beginning to end, this book held our interest with a combination of great plot and interesting new characters.