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Terminator 5 and 6 Taking Shape Withouth McG February 11, 2010

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Skynet and its army of Terminator WILL BE BACK! But not by way of the moron that put out Terminator 4 (aka Terminator Salvation).

According to a report on Deadline Hollywood, there is now a 24-page treatment for Terminator 5, and a 4-page concept outline for Terminator 6.

The 2-picture construct takes place in a post-apocalyptic battleground, and factors in an element of time travel that allows for Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese to interact beyond their single fateful meeting when he traveled back in time to protect her in the original film. Wisher has created a role for Arnold Schwarzenegger that is as surprising as his shift from villain in the first film, to John Connor’s bodyguard in the second. Schwarzenegger wouldn’t be needed until the final film, which wouldn’t shoot until after he ends his term as California Governor. And who wouldn’t want to see Linda Hamilton back in aerobic top fitness form as Sarah Connor?