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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #26 Vector Part 2 March 31, 2008

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We’ve been excited about Vector since it was first announced.

Unfortunately there is very little to be excited about in Vector Part 2.

The art in this book is the worst yet in Knights of the Old Republic with a very cartoon’ish look that just doesn’t work (it might work for Tag and Bink but not KOTOR).

Sure we understand that there needs to be setup issues for plot, but this is a little ridiculous. Is Vector just about some time plague with the Rakghoul?

And sure the Mandies are cool and all, but where are the Sith?

We really hope that the action, plot and art pick up in this series. A massive crossover like Vector is a great thing for the Star Wars Universe — but when it is so poorly executed it is a pointless exercise in futility.

Star Wars Vector – First Images Released January 25, 2008

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vector1.pngStar Wars Vector – the comic book event of the year is coming next week from Dark Horse.

All Dark Horse Star Wars titles will be pulled in stretching a massive 4,000 year scope.

There has been massive speculation about how it all ties together with few details shared thus far.

vector2.pngBut in a set of preview panes that Dark Horse has made available for the first issue of Vector (appearing in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #25)

It clearly looks like they’re going to draw the connection very early on .

Hard to say quite what the issue is but until i see otherwise i think it’s a massive Sith…not the Dark Jedi Sith..the ancient Sith..plot spanning the generations.

Then again with Vader apparently fighting alongside Luke and Cade Skywalker as well as Zayne Carrick maybe the Sith aren’t the prob…. we’ll find out soooon!