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Battlestar Galactica : Sagittarius is Bleeding (review) January 27, 2007

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The new Battlestar Galactica diverges from the original in a very long list of ways. Among them is the fact that the original included the boy Boxey and his robot dog the Dagit. The original pilot of the new Battlestar Galactica actually had Boxey in it ..but we have seen him since.

Thank the Lords of Cobol for books.

In Sagittarius is bleeding Boxey is back.

The book in an excellent read and actually a MUST READ for all Battlestar Galactica fans. The show rocks, and so does this book. It expands an area of the show that wasn’t done on the TV show and it adds an incredible chapter to the BG saga.

Beyond just Boxey, President Roslyn actaully can see Baltar’s hallucination of Six in this book..which is really cool. I mean what the frak is up with those hallucinations anyways? is she real? a chip?

Oh and Boxey – bad news he may be a cylon. Too bad we’ll likely never see him again on the TV show itself but for now the book is a solid subsititue.


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