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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 will be the last season ! May 11, 2007

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Season 4 which is still 7 months away..WILL BE THE LAST for Battlestar Galactica.

Olmos says “This will probably be the most extraordinary season of ‘Battlestar’. It’s the final season, so it’s definitely going to be the most vicious. As far as we know, in respects of the way we have this show constructed, this is the final season.”

Sackhoff says “I think part of the problem is that it’s an expensive show. It is [a great show], but we don’t have the viewership that a great show should get.”


Ultimately it’s the not the viewership that is killing BSG – It’s SciFi Channel and that is where ALL THE FRAKKING BLAME should go.

How the frak can you have an 8 month layoff between seasons?

How can you put a tier 1 show on at 10 pm on a Sunday night and expect ratings?

Sure it’ll be a great season knowing that all the loose ends need to be tied up..but it’s sad knowing that SciFi totally mismanaged this awesome show.


1. John Campbell Rees - May 11, 2007

Storywise, this does not surprise me. Starbuck knows the way to Earth, and she says she is going to lead “us” there. Although it is debatable who she meant by “us”, the Humans or the Cylons.

2. big fan - May 11, 2007

She means Cylons of course since as we all know..
Starbuck is a Cylon

3. rhk111 - May 11, 2007

Nooooooooo …………

4. hexxen - May 22, 2007

notice the ship starbuc was piloting 😀
i guess earthlings have very similar designes to carpricans but not quite

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