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Star Wars Lego Coming to the Nintendo Wii May 31, 2007

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Lucas Arts has confirmed that Star Wars Lego – The Complete Saga will be available for the Wii this fall.Star Wars Lego could well be the first Star Wars game for the Wii and it will be interesting to see how far Lucas Arts goes to actually support the Wiimote and the Numchuck.

No this won’t be Star Wars The Force Unleashed but hey..the Wii may make this real interesting.

Trailer below:


1. wilhelm2451 - June 1, 2007

Woo hoo! I cannot get the GameCube version to run on my Wii, but now I have (groan) a new hope!

2. Star Wars Lego for Ninetendo Wii - Not so great for Wiimote « Show Me SciFi - November 10, 2007

[…] science fiction, scifi, Star Wars, star wars lego, wii trackback We’ve been playing the new Star Wars Lego the Complete Saga for the Nintendo Wii for the last three […]

3. deb - January 30, 2008

is there a lego city in lego star wars?and is it fun?

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