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Star Wars Legacy Miniatures – They don’t look right March 26, 2008

Posted by showmescifi in scifi.
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When we first saw the ads in Dark Horse’s Star Wars Legacy for the new miniature figures…we were krifing stoked.

Then we went over to the vendors site to actually see what the figures look like…

ummm.. i dunno about you but that doesn’t look like Cade Skywalker. Since when does Cade have straight hair?

The Delilah Blue figure is even worse.

It (cause i refuse to call this trash a woman) looks like some kind of weird tranny..

I don’t know who approved this trash..but I really hope Lucas Licensing (and Dark Horse) put a stop to this travesty.


1. HisDivineShadow - March 26, 2008

Good luck, Lucas prob dosnt even see the final product anymore.

Let’s get real these figures look like shit. Prob made in china by chinese that make 50 cents a day.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Star Wars miniatures that look like shit.
I remember back to the Star Wars miniature spaceship game that came out last year. Most of the ships were all warped and mis-shaped. Most of the Star Destroyers were soo warped that they didn’t even use them and all of a sudden that ship became a rarity because only a few of them were good enough to ship.
The X-wings really looked lame with the wings all going in 4 different warped directions.

I really hope nobody buys these horrible figures.
There really not worth it.

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