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Stargate Atlantis S05E16 – Kolyaaa! November 15, 2008

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Wow what a neat episode – especially that final little twist at the end – that was fantastic.

McKay is so smug and yet he too was fooled by the AI.

And that whole thing with Kolya coming back and chopping off Sheppard’s arm? that was brutal – and great TV.

How about Woolsey? At first a mega wimp and now a really great character in this show. He really has developed in the last few episodes into a fantastic asset to the show.

With only a few episodes to go, it’s great to see there are still some great plots that Stargate Atlantis has left in it – makes it a real shame that there won’t be a Season Six. This show isn’t as worn out at SG-1 and really still have a whole lot of life left.


1. Captndon - November 21, 2008

I think it so sad that just when the two stargates got going good the exec’s cut them. There was so much more life left in both shows. this was great state of the art sci-fi. this is what makes our young children dream, and they are the ones whom will figure out how to make these dreams real in the future. I dunno just read between the lines. I personally would have liked to seen sg-1 meet Atlantis, and hoped they would have invited the azguard there to figure out some of the secrets the city was hiding. This could have been a season in itself. It never happened.
I do see a alarming trend to phase out any off world space based sci-fi. whats up here? We need more space! Theres only so much Sci-fi that can be based here on Earth before it is classified as horror or fantasy.

2. skolo - November 24, 2008

its 5×15

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