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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles – Maybe Cromartie Isn’t Dead Yet November 18, 2008

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 Last week Cromartie got shot up and buried. But he didn’t get burned to a crisp.


(yeah i know – some of you told me so – ok you’re right).

Agent Ellison has unwittingly become the architect for the rise of the machines now that Cromartie’s remains have been retrieved. Just like how the hand in Terminator 2 led to skynet – now it’s Cromartie’s turn.

The whole time paradox thing with Fischer was also really quite neat, albeit a little confusing. We haven’t heard or seen the ‘greys’ before have we?


1. Hector the Injector - November 19, 2008

Actually we have been experiencing the ‘grey’s’ through the entire series; this is just the first time it has been explicitly mentioned. Cameron showed up to protect John from Cromartie, so clearly time has been altered. They (Sarah, John and Cameron) travel to the future changing the time of the war. SKYNET keeps sending back machines and people to attempt to undo the things the resistance fighters have been doing…etc…etc. They still don’t know about Catherine Weaver, so there will eventually be a “show-down” with her. Ellison lied to John because he thinks he’s doing the right thing. He trusts Weaver and it will lead to his undoing, however I do believe he will repent and try to make things right. What in tar nations happened to Charlie Dixon? Over all though it was another great episode, I really had my doubts about this season. But they seem to be picking up the pace.

2. Average Dave - December 22, 2008

Good point about Charlie. Seems a little strange to have him early on in the season and not use him again. Perhaps he will turn up again, but it will seem odd after not having him for so long.

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