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V – John May Lives ! The Visitor fifth column! and Lisa is Anna’s daughter? November 17, 2009

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Who is John May? ABC’s V is really picking up steam now with the emergence of the V Fifth Column. We have no idea who John May is, but no doubt he’s well hidden.

The whole Fifth Column thing was the biggest revelation in this third episode of the new V (official episode title is:A Bright New Day

It’s neat that the Fifth Column have member on board the NYC mothership – that was cool and unexpected.

But how did they convince Mary Faulkner to like the V’s? They connected here to their matrix/hub didn’t they? It’s some kind of drug that makes everyone happy.

Last but not least – how about Lisa (played by Toronto actress Laura Vandervoort??

No not a naked scene (this is ABC after all), but still that was …’interesting’.. especially since we now know hooking up with Tyler is all about pleasing her own mom – the leader of the ‘V’ s herself Anna!


1. LUKE - April 3, 2010

The war is between Anna’s Vs and more Vs that are off in space. Anna is the leader of a group just like the fifth column. The rest of the Vs are against her. Thats what all the whos side are you on means!

2. Posd - April 9, 2010

No no no. The other V’s are coming to help Anna destroy the Earth and take all the resources.

3. barto - April 11, 2010

go back to grammar school!

4. G - April 14, 2010

Thats wrong Luke. The V’s in space coming here are with Anna and plan whipping us out more or less but what I cant figure out is what is it about are body’s that the V’s want. They took up a lot of people for there live aboard program but why?

5. Chris T - April 15, 2010

Humans=Food. Whatch the original mini series. Some of it was cheesy but the story was good.

6. Sean - April 15, 2010

John May is Tyler’s “father”!!!

7. Jonny - April 26, 2010

In “John May (episode)” it is revealed that he was being hunted by Ryan and later was killed by him but not after teaching Ryan the good of emotions.

8. Joshua - June 23, 2010

John May Lives – Long Live The 5th Colum

9. Brandon - August 9, 2010

The “V” is for victory in the First Series from the 80’s. John May might be a reference to “John” the leader of the visitors in the older shows.

10. kaci-leigh - June 29, 2011

i love v i cant stop watching it and lisa she is soooo pretty i want to be as pretty as her and she is my fav character with jack he is awsome i feel so sorry for him

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