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EA Bioware Finally fixes the Most Annoying bug in Star Wars the Old Republic #SWTOR February 7, 2012

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We’ve been playing Star Wars The Old Republic, night and day since the game launch six weeks ago. Over that time EA/BIOWARE have issued more fixes than we can count, but never one for the most annoying bug ever.

that changed today.

The patch list states:

The message “There are no missions defined for the Crew Skill: [Crew Skill Name]” is no longer erroneously displayed.

We wondered for weeks what we were doing wrong, some ppl said it was a bug, others said it was something else, while the morons at Bioware were just clueless as they laugh at us gamers that pay them money for a buggy game. Anyways that flaw is fixed, plenty more though still in the game – we’ve got a post and a video coming soon to highlight the worst ones.


1. Bored-Michael - February 12, 2012

There are a lot of bugs, but all things considered this MMO launch is by far the smoothest I’ve ever played. Anyone had any game breaking bugs?

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