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#swtor Bioware Won’t Let Players Move Characters across Servers – and That sucks – esp on KiTaren February 17, 2012

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We’re big fans of Star Wars The Old Republic – except for the fast that two of our characters are stuck on the works FRAKing server.

It never has any players on it – yes i’m talking about KitaRen.

So we asked the fucktards at Bioware if we could move and this is bantha poodo they told us:

I am Protocol Droid W6-L3 of Human-Cyborg Relations…

I have received your transmission regarding your request.

I understand how you feel right now and I do apologize for the inconvenience this issue caused.

I regret to inform you that transferring character from one server to another is not yet implemented or applicable in the game. However, Our development team are currently working on this option to be implemented in future patches. Kindly wait for further notices and updates in forums regarding this option.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if there is anything further we can help you with.

Galactic Support is our specialty…


Protocol Droid W6-L3 (aka Jhayz)
Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service

That’s right Bioware doesn’t care about us, they just want our $$. Good news is that they will eventually allow this, but for now it sucks.

EA Bioware Finally fixes the Most Annoying bug in Star Wars the Old Republic #SWTOR February 7, 2012

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We’ve been playing Star Wars The Old Republic, night and day since the game launch six weeks ago. Over that time EA/BIOWARE have issued more fixes than we can count, but never one for the most annoying bug ever.

that changed today.

The patch list states:

The message “There are no missions defined for the Crew Skill: [Crew Skill Name]” is no longer erroneously displayed.

We wondered for weeks what we were doing wrong, some ppl said it was a bug, others said it was something else, while the morons at Bioware were just clueless as they laugh at us gamers that pay them money for a buggy game. Anyways that flaw is fixed, plenty more though still in the game – we’ve got a post and a video coming soon to highlight the worst ones.

Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi is Here. January 31, 2012

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Wow. Just wow. This is the week that we SciFi – or more specifically – Star Wars comic book fans have been waiting for ..ever since Dark Horse ended Legacy.

John Ostrander and Jan Duursema are back – the best writer/artist duo in Star Wars history are BACK!!

This all about the beginning of the Jedi – on a planet called Typhon – which actually plays a really prominent role in the Star Wars The Old Republic MMORG. All Jedi characters start on Typhon for their training.

Dawn of the Jedi #0 is out which isn’t technically a story as much as it is a reference guide to help us all understand that awesomeness that is to come.

What’s Next for Star Wars The Old Republic? STUFF that should have been there from day 1 January 22, 2012

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Star Wars The Old Republic has been out for a month now and the fine folks at Bioware are REALLY scared that they are going to lose tens of thousand of players. The one month mark is when players need to decide to continue to subscribe or not and it’s a critical make or break point for this game.

So what is Bioware doing? They’ve got a new flashpoint – which by the way is unplayable – and they’re promising changes to the game.

For one, we will FINALLY get the ability to resize and move menus around easily. SRSLY? That’s not a feature that’s a bug that should not have made it this long.

As well, they’re promising Guild Banks – again, that should have been there day one.

So what is there to look forward too?


That said there is so many classes and missions in the game to begin with..and i doubt that anyone has been able to hit level 50 for all classes yet….