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MAN OF STEEL 2013 : Will Superman Kneel Before ZOD?! December 13, 2012

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Superman Returns SUCKED. we all know that. We all also know it sucked even though the initial trailer was pretty solid.

The problem with Superman Returns is that it was about Superman/Lois/his son triangle and that just didn’t work.

Man of Steel – set for release in 2013 now has an awesome trailer out. While trailers are usually good – this one give us lots of hope that the movie will be awesome too. This is more aligned with the current Action Comics/Superman approach where Superman is not univerally welcomed to Earth, there is fear about him (he’s an alien after all).

That makes a lot of sense and it sure has worked really well in the comics.

Then of course, while Lex Luthor is always good for a laugh, no Superman villian is better than Zod for movie lovers. Superman II was one of the best superhero movies of all time because of the bad guys – Zod and his cohorts from the phantom zone.

In Man of Steel – ZOD returns.

The other thing that is different is instead of simply paying homage to the original Superman movies – Marlon Brandon will not be back from the dead to play Jor-EL. Instead Russel Crowe will play Jor-EL (and Kevin Costner as Clark’s Earth dad). What an awesome combo.

No this doesn’t look like Smallville either – this is Superman and finally the Man of Steel has returned.


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