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Caprica’s Zoe Greystone Alessandra Torresani as Wonder Woman? November 3, 2010

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Alessandra Torresani wants to be Wonder Woman?


Maybe…the former Zoe Greystone of Caprica fame recently updated her Twitter pic to the one left.

We like Torresani – but let’s face it Caprica sucked – her character was interesting but poorly written.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and this wonder woman wannabe will get  a role in Blood and Chrome –

Caprica’s Zoe Greystone aka Alessandra Torresani Gets (near) Naked for Maxim – but lots of airbrush support February 8, 2010

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We’re still figuring out Caprica – and Zoe Greystone played by actress Alexxandra Torresani.

Torresani managed to find the time to pose for Maxim – in some of the most airbrushed pics we’ve ever seen. It’s not clear how much is actually the actress and how much is just photoshop.

Still – they’re great pics – though Zoe thinks she looks fine as a cylon – and if these pics are any clue she sure is one hot cylon.

Check out all the pics – NSFW – over at Maxim.com