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Big Bang Theory Season Six Episode 1 – Funny but not a Classic episode.. September 27, 2012

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The Big Bang Theory, Season 6 – The Big Bang Theory started off tonight with more of a whimper than a truly Big Bang.

Yeaah it was funny and it was great to see the inside of the International Space Station…

but no truly memorable scenes or lines in this episode.

how come none of the gang called up to ISS? Why doesn’t Sheldon have some massive experiment of his own that he sent along with Walowitz?  surely that great Dr. Sheldon Cooper had something he wanted in space…?!

Anyways still good fun, we laughed (a little) and as always this still remains one of our favorite shows of the week.

International Space Station Takes Shape March 5, 2008

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At least a decade behind schedule, the International Space Station is now really starting to take shape. At one point it was supposed to be up in space in 1992 for the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the ‘new’ world. Ah well…at least it’s coming together now and actually starting to look very very impressive.
It will still take a few more years and billions more, but it’s happening.