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TR2N Tron Legacy Trailer is now avail! Same as TR2N just clearer July 24, 2009

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Remember that grainy footage we had when TR2N has its first trailer?

Disney is now out with a nice clean version for Tron Legacy – mostly the same, just clearer – still SWEEEET to watch.

TR2N becomes Tron Legacy. WTF? TR2N was cool! July 23, 2009

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tron.legacyYeaah we’re pumped for Tron 2..we sure have waited long enough.

Last year they were going to call it TR2N which was one of the coolest names for a flick ever.

Now the Mickey Mousketeers and Disney have butchered that and are now calling the moving Tron Legacy.

Isn’t that a little lame?

Early footage looks awesome though – as soon as we can find a public link to post we will!

Principal photography apparently has already wrapped up and we shouldn’t expect to the movie until 2011.