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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles in Repeats already?? January 28, 2008

Posted by showmescifi in scifi.
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We’ve only had three episodes of Sarah Connor Chronicles – and it looks like we’re into REPEATS already!!

The official Fox Terminator site (which is useless when it comes to actually providing up to date information for fans) give no such indication that this week’s show is a repeat.

What’s the point of having a repeat so early in a season? If FOX is trying to kill this show off it’s doing a fine job with this stunt.

Sure Pres Bush has a State of the Union address at 9 ET but that doesn’t mean FOX couldn’t have had a new show at 8 PM. Make no mistake about it FOX KILLED FIREFLY with similiar mis-steps…let’s hope they don’t do the same to Sarah Connor Chronicles