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Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #3 October 28, 2008

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I want to like Tek Jansen I really really do.

I worship Colbert and humbly pledge my eternal fealty to his Nation. Tek Jansen #2 was a disappointment for us, but #3 isn’t quite as bad.

For one the Robotra story line is corny but in a fun kind of way.

Jansen is the MAN as he should be – not a total idiot (just a marginal one). Good fun for Colbert fans and a good read overall.

I wasn’t sure after issue #2 if I would continue buying Tek Jansen – but at this point I’m certain that I’ll see this through to the end. Only two more issue to go after all and I’d like to see Tek destroy all the Optiklons, get his own strike team and have an army of Robotra’s hanging from his feet.

Stephen Colbert Tek Jansen #2 : What a shame… August 13, 2008

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It’s been a year since last we saw Tek Jansen in our local comic book shop. So it was with great surprise that we found issue #2 this past week. Apparently the braniacs at Oni Press (publishers of the series) blamed the writers strike for the delay. I can think of an interesting Colbert ‘WORD’ session to describe what I think of that…Colbert was on almost every night during the strike as scheduled.
Personally I think that Colbert should pull his endorsement from Oni Press as this shameful extreme delay hurts his brand.

Delay aside, issue #2 is good fun. It’s actually two stories back to front and front to back, both of which we enjoyed tremendously. The spy vs spy kind of story is hilarious and we didn’t figure it out till the end (so if you haven’t read it yet don’t worry no spoilers here).

The bigger story – where Jansen gets booted back to the Academy is also very intelligent and draws on the characteristics that the Colbert Nation expects from Jansen.

We have no idea when issue #3 will actually be available. Apparently Diamond had it available for order but we’re not aware of any seller that actually have it.

So if you’re lucky enough to get a hold of issue #2 – get it and keep your finger crossed for issue #3 (or that a new more predicatable publisher comes on board to take over).