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Stargate SG-1 Season 10 – The Quest Part 2 April 14, 2007

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Having finally overcome all the obstacles protecting the sangraal, SG-1 and Ba’al are automatically beamed away from the underground cavern at the end of their quest, leaving an infuriated Adria behind. Arriving in a new chamber, they are astonished to discover not the mystical weapon they’ve been hunting, but rather an old man frozen in a stasis pod. The sangraal was actually destroyed long ago. In its place, however, sleeps the one man who can build a second version of the weapon: Merlin himself.


Great episode from top to bottom. No suprises as SG-1 figures out how to defeat the dragon…

FUNNIEST LINE in the whole episode is when the team is trying to guess the dragon’s real name and Teal’C deadpans with his name suggestion of – “PUFF”.

but an interesting twist with the discovery of Merlin.

Too bad Merlin himself dies..

And too bad that Daniel gets captured by the Orii.

Oh well. Guess that just helps to set up the next few episode where SG-1 will undoubtedly track, locate and save Daniel. The countdown for the final episode of Season 10 is on!!


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