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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles 2×04 Cameron is Allison Young September 29, 2008

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Interesting episode – we get our first real insight into Cameron (Summer Glau- who had a real life before as a human called Allison Young. Allison also knew John Conner which makes the “I love you” comment to John earlier this season even more interesting.

Why Cameron had this flashback episode – who knows but makes for some great backstory. Makes sense that Skynet would base its infiltrators on real humans.

Now what about Shirley Manson character – a T1000 – having a daughter! What’s up with that? Is she also a machine?

The best part of this episode? NOT MUCH WHINING FROM JOHN CONNOR!! He’s such a wimp!


1. Steve - September 30, 2008

I love this series more & more with every episode. the writers deserve gold medals for detail & imagination. Poor Cameron, she’s a
sweetheart, but at the same time the must feked up machine ever

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