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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles : Brothers of Nablus What a Razor!! November 3, 2008

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Finally Cromartie narrows in on John..but hey WHAT KIND OF MASSIVE WIMP!!

Cromartie comes to the door and John sends Riley out to deal with him – while he hides behind the door. Riley easily could have been killed without a second thought while john was wimping out.

And what about the RAZOR – killing poor Moishe? And will she stay with the show for awhile (i hope so..)

Then what’s the deal with Agent Ellisons’s T-777 clone?

I dunno – but the show is getting more intricate as the week’s go on. Finally next week we’ll see another Terminator showdown…the teaser says someone will die – let’s hope it’s John Connor and that another John Connor twin/clone T-777 or otherwise takes his place.


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