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Odd Girl Out – Quadrail – by Timothy Zahn REVIEW February 23, 2009

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Odd Girl Out is the third book in the Quadrail series (so far) it follows The Third Lynx and Night Train to Rigel.

We thoroughly enjoyed this book which takes a dramatic new spin on the central conflict in this series – between the master of the spider and the evil coral based Modhri.

The basic layout of the book from a plot perspective is very similiar to the previous two books – but that’s what makes it work so well. There is a murder of some sort and then off onto the Quadrail to figure out what’s going on. Along the way a few twists, a few deaths and a whole lot of speculation by Frank Compton on what is actually happening.

And again the final revelation of what is going on came as a total surprise to us (the readers) though somehow Compton had it all figured out.

Another brilliant romp on the Quadrail and we’re already looking forward to the next book!


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