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Stargate Universe – Faith – TJ is messed up April 19, 2010

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Faith was another fine Stargate Universe episode. Who or what created the mystery planet?

It’s clear that the oblesik was communicating with something but what? I’m sure we’re going to find out…eventually.

kinda lame that some ppl wanted to stay behind on the planet on the blind hope that some higher power was looking out for them ..sucky that Chloe was going to stay and then didn’t. The show would be better off without her at this point.

The whole TJ is pregnant thing is an interesting twist – but would have been more interesting if she had been pregnant by the planet – instead of Col Young. But still will make for some drama.

The other dumb thing is how they gave up half their shuttle fleet — for what? Sure it was kind of broken but they have so few resources as it is…

Ohh and that robot they found in the newly opened section of the ship ..that’s going to be interesting …


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