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Blog Action Day : SciFi is Littered With Tales of Worlds Gone Wrong October 15, 2007

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What Kind of Blogger Are You?So today is Blog Action Day with the theme being about the environment…considering that Al Gore just won the Nobel Peace price for his work – (and Al Gore of course famously once claimed that he invented the Internet) – i guess this makes sense.

How many SciFi classics deal with a world (Earth or otherwise) that has gone bad because of environmental disaster? The list is certainly very very very very long. It’s actually almost a cliched theme in SciFi actually.

The fact that now in 2007 it is front and center is just a testament to the fact that SciFi leads the way for society and that beyond being great entertainment – there are things that we humans today should be doing to save this planet before it is destroyed.

Then again a big meteor could come loose from the Oort cloud and head towards earth (as it did 200 million years ago) – in which case, we’ve got bigger problems to deal with.

The answer of course is colonization of worlds beyond Earth. The time will come when the Earth becomes uninhabitable – that shouldn’t mean that life as we know it and that human life should then cease to exist too.