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William Shatner Mouths off on Star Trek vs Star Wars September 16, 2011

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What’s better? Star Wars or Star Trek.

The ‘original’ Captain Kirk gives us his view and guess what he chooses…

Star Wars Dark Times Returns! From out of the Wildernesss August 5, 2011

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finally Dark Horse has brought back Dark Times in a new mini series of five issues called out of the Wilderness…
we can hardly wait…
this has been one of the best illustrated star wars comics in years, thanks to the incomparable art of doug wheatly ..and the stories… are .. well..


Buck Rogers Takes on the Airlords of Han March 16, 2010

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Yeaah we’re fans of the new Dynamite Buck Rogers series.

The latest issue #9 starts off a new story arc where we get more insight into the status of Earth.

You see in this version of Buck Rogers, Earth isn’t ruled by just one unified group. There are rulers of the ground, the underground (the weirdos with Nukes that Buck destroyed last issue) and the airlords of Han.

Our sister site, ShowMeSciFiComics.com has a review of the issue #9 up now.